January 27th, 2006

Pasty Pale White Boy & Pinoy Boy Toy!

Name my business contest!

Since I'm starting to (finally) get things underway with my art pimping business, I realized that it would be helpful to have a good, catchy name for it. I have a name I came up with, but it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi, so I figure some of my more, shall we say, imaginative friends might be able to help me out. :)

For those who don't know, I'm starting a business to help small artists sell their work, primarily at sci-fi convention art shows. I'm working with people who are just starting to show their work and get paid for it, and also with folks who have an established body of work but want more outlets to show their stuff. These are really talented artists that aren't necessarily doing their art as a full-time business, and therefore need some help (both time, energy and knowledge) getting their work out to a wider audience. They run the gamut from comics to fantasy to sci-fi to furry to feminist to queer and a lot of stuff in between. My part is to get their work to where it needs to go, and then handle the money end of things when the show is over, plus help promote them wherever I can.

Given that premise, help me out!

If you have an idea for a good name for my business, reply to this post! (I'll screen replies until the decision is made.)

The prize? If I pick a name suggested, you get a free print from my stock of artists! (Once I actually get the stock in hand, of course!)

As a teaser, here's a few websites of some artists I'm going to be working with:

There's no deadline for now, as things are still in the planning stages, but don't wait too long. I look forward to reading your suggestions! (And feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested or have an idea, or any artists you know that might be interested in getting help with their work.)

And if anyone wants to know how I got into this, feel free to ask. :)
Scary Teddy


We just finished watching the WORST MOVIE EVER.

The plot can be summed up in one sentence. "I don't, but I do."

NEVER SEE THIS MOVIE. In fact, never ever see any French films, especially gay ones. Really. We haven't seen a good one yet. And they're all Quincy's fault - he's the one that added them to our NetFlix queue.

When I go to heaven and St. Peter asks me how I lived my life and I say I spent my time wisely, he's going to bring this movie to my attention and I will burn in Hell forevermore.