January 24th, 2006


Weekend wrap-up

Had a faboo weekend. Went to a going away party for one of Q's co-workers on Friday night, drove up to DC with the gang Saturday for shopping at White Flint Mall and in Silver Springs in the afternoon, clubbing at Nation (yeah, big whoop for me) that night, and then brunch and shopping around Dupont Circle on Sunday before they all went on their way and we went to MCC services, dinner with Edward, then home. All in all quite exhausting, but fun.

No job yet - in fact, I got a rejection letter today (although not from my job that they haven't given me yet), but still have lots of good leads and still pounding the pavement. Also found a few house listings we want to check into once Q's uncle gets back on Thursday.

Um... that's it. :D

Oh, I got promoted to moderator for chalice_circle. So yay me. :D I also started a new community called gay_southern_md but I haven't started promoting it yet. I'm so type A. :D