January 10th, 2006


Notes from the weekend

First, I should note that I'm finally starting to use tags, for those that follow such things. I've also updated my photo album with a few things, including Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Right, so, on to the weekend:

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Yesterday I was up earlier than usual and got a lot of stuff done, including following up on my new job (no, they haven't given it to me yet - they delayed because of the holidays, and they're probably going to start setting up interviews for next week, which I'm sure is purely a formality). I also found out one job I applied to at St. Mary's College has been filled, but the other is open and they said they'll be in touch as they move forward, so that's good. After Q got home we ended up watching Eddie Izzard's Unrepeatable since I've never seen his stuff and figured I'd start from the beginning.

We've been watching lots of movies lately - Madagascar, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, etc. Between the stuff we got for Christmas, various seasons of TV shows we have (Q's currently watching Friends, and I want to watch Farscape) and NetFlix, we're having much fun. I've also been playing a lot of City of Heroes and Serious Sam II lately (much to Q's annoyance), and enjoying them as well (Green Starburst is up to level 33).

So tonight Edward is coming down again because this weekend they're all going to a wedding in Florida (I can't afford to go - bah!) and Q got them discount tickets on base for Walt Disney World (double bah!) so Edward's coming down to pick them up (he leaves tomorrow, Q leaves Friday). Since Q will be gone and I have to drive him all the way up to BWI, it looks like I'm going to stop off for dinner at gingy and weirddave's for dinner, then probably head up to Mom's for the weekend (since I'm halfway there as it is), then pick Q up on my way back on Monday morning.

So, um, that's it. :)

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