December 12th, 2005


Sunday night update

Hooray for bullet points:

  • Went up to DC for a Christmas party with the MCC folks. Quite fun. Took Steve, Silivia and Matthew with us.
  • Didn't look at houses on Saturday - long story.
  • Instead, went to Waldorf where we didn't meet up with Q's uncle like we were supposed to, but went Christmas shopping instead.
  • Took him to the airport today (after stopping off at his cousin's to pick up his karaoke machine). He'll be gone all week, then back overnight Friday, then off again until after Christmas. Wah.
  • Missed having coffee with urban_bohemian but hope to. SOON.
  • For some unknown reason Q brought my City of Heroes CD-ROMs with him!
  • Sadly, his graphics card isn't good enough to play. BAH!
  • Dad died 2 years ago Sunday.
  • Much to do this week, including getting my resume out to some places, renewing my license, and running errands.
  • Mom's in Florida for the week.
  • Tired. Bed now.
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