December 5th, 2005


Lovely weekend all around

Friday night we had a nice dinner at Bob Evans, did a little shopping, watched Ellen Degeneres' first HBO special, and went to bed early.

Saturday we bummed around for a while, and he made me watch Spice World, and though it was silly, I was amused. :) Then we headed off to Target to pick up some gifts, picked up our friend Steve, and headed over to Q's commander's house for a Christmas party. (Steve thought it was very brave Q took me, but since I was just introduced as "the roommate," it was fine. I'm not that flaming, am I? Wait, forget I asked that...) While there we met up with Silvia, and then absconded with her to get coffee afterwards to meet up with our new friend Matthew, a poor lost gay boy who just relocated here and was our server at Bob Evans a few times (and since Q and I were so obvious, he gave us his number 'cause he's desperate for friends). We tried to hit a bar in Solomons Island, but it's closed for the off season, so we ended up at the bar at Outback until after midnight, and we all had a lovely time chatting and getting to know Matthew.

This morning Q got up early (he had to go into work), and then I got up early, we met Steve and Silvia for breakfast at - where else? - Bob Evans, and then we headed over to the UU Fellowship of Southern Maryland services. Such nice people (as most UUs are), very welcoming, very happy to see four brand new faces (all of which were under 40 no less!), and we all enjoyed it and will likely go back (Steve found UUism in boot camp, but this was Silvia and Q's first time). Q and I came home afterwards and took a nap, and then Edward called and wanted to go to the MCC services in Annapolis, but I didn't feel like going, so they went without me (and evidently I missed a pot luck, too, but oh well - we're going to try to make the minister's open house on Friday night, so I'll see them then). I just stayed home, looked up job listings online, and had a sammich for dinner. He came home and crashed, poor li'l boo!

He's in Houston next week for training, then he's home for one day and then off to his sister's for Christmas for another week, so I'll be without him for two weeks, which, although a drop in the bucket compared to Iraq, is still annoying 'cause it's Christmas. Foo. Still not sure what that means for the Median Christmas plans, or if we'll head up over New Year's Eve or not, but we'll figure it all out.

And now, it is late, and my lovely honey is snoring (loudly) next to me, so I really ought to join him. Hee!
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Monday update

OK, so first of all... SNOW! And lots of it. Yeah. woo.

Second, went out to get nice paper to send out my resume, 'cause I have a few leads. Yay!

Third, watched Napoleon Dynamite. Very odd little film, and I already find myself quoting from it. "I think it was a holy chip." May need to add it to my collection.

Fourth, there is no fourth.
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