November 8th, 2005

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A substansive update on The Big Move and the first week in Maryland

I should really get back to updating regularly. First, though, might as well give a quick synopsis of the last couple weeks, including The Big Move and the first week in Maryland.

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So, now we're up to today. Yay! I slept in a bit, did some more job hunting online, and when he got home we went downstairs and I finally talked to Ed and Mahalia and thanked them for letting me stay (we'd all been in and out all weekend and never seemed to run into each other). After that we went to KFC for dinner, did a little shopping at Target, and he's sleeping while I finish this up.

This weekend he has off on Friday for Veterans' Day, so we're going to head up to Mom's on Thursday night, maybe meet up with folks on Friday night (suba_al_hadid, I'm looking at you), and Saturday night we're probably going to head over to see some friends in NJ before heading back Sunday afternoon. We're thinking my family may do Thanksgiving this weekend since Q's working over the actual holiday and we might not be able to make it up there, plus my evil sister has to work as well.

So, um, there it is. :)

In the final wash, the move was stressful, but that's to be expected. We're having little squabbles, but nothing profound, and that's also to be expected. Also missing my ALL my friends, especially minotaurs, magus_nascitur, and of course adventdragon most of all, all of which is, of course, to be expected. The bottom line, though, is that I know Q is very, very happy I'm here, and I can't say I feel differently. For all the problems involved - moving, money spent on the move, looking for a new job, missing my friends, etc. - this is really where I need to be, and I'm happy. :)
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