October 24th, 2005

Joe Boys

My last day, this weekend and this week

Well, my last day at work Friday was certainly interesting...

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Oh, and here's the updated schedule for this week:

  • Monday - Arrives, we have some quality Q&A time. :) (We may grab some folks for dinner or clubbing, depending on how he's feeling.)
  • Tuesday - Nothing planned as of yet, but I'm thinking this may be a Daniel/Tri/household dinner out. Stacey also may come look at the car.
  • Wednesday - Going away party at work, then game night and/or chorus night.
  • Thursday - Darkstar dinner.
  • Friday - Disneyland and dinner at Downtown Disney.
  • Saturday - All-inclusive gathering somewhere (details forthcoming).
  • Sunday - LYC pot luck in the afternoon, then SDQSF gaming that night.
  • Monday - We leave!
On top of that I need to go pick up my glasses, and of course plan an afternoon for lunch and a tour of Wildstorm comics with mikhalmc, which I know Quincy will enjoy. So, yeah, we're gonna be busy, but it'll be fun.

Oh, yeah, and I need to finish packing. :D
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