October 19th, 2005

Hunan human

Leaving with nary a goodbye?

Just met with my boss and the senior teammate and went over my gameplan for the next couple of days. They seem pretty twitchy about the financial stuff, which just reminds me that I actually know what I'm doing and they don't, which makes me feel needed and loved (in a sadistic sort of way - I HAVE THE POWER!). Some stuff will have to be handled by others after I leave, but they're all willing to help out with whatever I can't finish by Friday.

I have my meeting with HR Friday afternoon, and they said I'll get my final paycheck then rather than the 31st, which will help with the move and such. I also told my boss that next Wednesday afternoon would work for me and Quincy to come in for whatever kind of going away bash they were planning to throw, but she said they're going to give me a "proper send-off" on Friday morning. This, however, is kind of bugging me.

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Edited to add: Did I mention they completely forgot my birthday a couple weeks ago? (Yes, it was on the calendar and everything.) Granted I was out sick (or "sick" in the case of Friday for Conjecture), but we've always done something - decorate the office, maybe go out to lunch together, although not necessarily a gift except for our boss - but I got nada even upon my return. Bah. Again, put to the bottom of the pile and forgotten. It reminds me of times in the past when I'd host parties for all my friends, but I always got overlooked, or nothing ever got done unless I drove it. (Any of this sound familiar, urban_bohemian? We should go commisserate sometime soon.)
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