September 19th, 2005


Weekend wrap up

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Quincy spent his weekend carousing in DC with his local barkada and his fag hag from NY, and from all reports had a really great time, which is good 'cause he deserves it. We're waiting to hear this week if they approve his leave for October, which means a trip to the Philippines, Guam, Sacramento, and San Diego. He's actively house hunting (his uncle found a couple of places in Lusby, which is just north of where Q is living now), and this week he's actually going to apply for a mortgage! Yikes! We're really doing this! :D Had a little, um, "intense discussion" about actually including me in the decision process, even though we're planning on the house being only in his name, but since I'm going to be paying half the mortgage it's still going to be our house. It's all good, though - he's still only looking, and we can talk about stuff face to face this weekend.

Oh, yeah - GOING TO SEE QUINCY THIS WEEKEND! W000T! Nothing else planned, so otherwise shouldn't be a stressful week.
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