August 29th, 2005

Heroes can fly


Reading about the hurricane this morning. Thinking about Widder Mary and Neil and Jay and hoping everyone's ok. Bah. They say New Orleaners drink their hurricanes, but this one's quite a glassful. I want there to be a there there when Quincy and I go visit.

Edited to add: Huzzah! Just heard from Neil that both he and Mary are out of the area and safe. Hopefully we'll hear from Jay soon.
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My sailor

Quincy update - he's started the trek home!

Quincy didn't call on Sunday, which was actually a good sign - that meant he'd left his base (Al Kasik) Sunday morning and was starting his loooooong trip home after a delay of over 3 days. Sure enough I got an e-mail this afternoon saying he'd already been to Belaj and was now at Taji and will hopefully be able to give me a call tomorrow. Evidently he'll be killing some time there, but it's a very nice base with things to do (gym, entertainment, etc.). From there it's on to Bagdhad, then Kuwait, then the flight to Georgia on September 6 with a layover in Germany, then finally back to Maryland. I'll probably not hear much from him before he actually makes it back to the states, but at least I can take comfort that this is finally coming to a close.
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