July 17th, 2005

Pasty Pale White Boy & Pinoy Boy Toy!

My day at Comic-Con

So there's this crazy convention in San Diego every year called Comic-Con. No mere fan convention, it's THE industry event every year for not only comics, but has grown to include what they term "pop culture," which mostly centers on science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, gaming, anime & toy fandoms, mostly media-oriented, which includes a lot of collectibles, previews and artwork. At around 80,000 attendees and hundreds of exhibitors, panels, artists and guests, it's quite a show - it literally takes up the entire San Diego Convention Center, which is about a mile long. Yowza.

This was, I believe, my 4th Comic-Con. Comics isn't really my fandom, and the sheer size of it puts me off, but I can't deny it's a thrilling event, and, if you can get past the crushing crowds and the overwhelming fannish stimulii, is well worth attending.

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You can see my pictures here, which include Phil Jimenez, a group of DC superheroes, Daniel with an Alien and a Gloomy Bear, a bunch of us after dinner, and, of course, an Elvis stormtrooper:

Today I actually only slept until 1:00 (early for me), then gathered myself together and headed to glittercat13Kris & darrelxDarrel's (the Polar Den) for a post-con fandom gathering. Hung out with Stuart, samuraimegMeg, Chris, Stella, Dave and a few new folks playing Carcasonne and mahjong, but finally we turned into pumpkins and headed home. Sean was supposed to call about possibly getting dinner, but I'm sure the last day of the con was a busy one for him, so I'll have to catch him next time he comes into town.

So, a slightly exhausting but very, very fun weekend. I'm sure in future years Quincy will want to attend all 4.5 days since comics is his fandom, but I think 2 will be about my max, although I certainly enjoyed looking at the toys and meeting a lot of really, really neat people. Props to JayTee, Adam, Daniel, Kevin and Stuart for hanging out with me most of the day - you guys made it way more fun!
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