July 7th, 2005


London update

Travel in the UK must be horrible. Any word from our friends who might still be at are planning on travelling to, or might have left early for, Worldcon?

Edited to add: Heh. Worldcon is still a few weeks away. I was confusing "travelling to another country for a big con" with Westercon in Calgary last weekend. Dur. :)
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Quincy Bear

Shocking photo!

You know, you all laughed at me when I said that Quincy Bear had been making the rounds at Gaylaxicon this year, but I knew he was a tramp. It's bad enough that Lars bought him at the Art Show auction and he came crawling back once Lars was done with him (although I'm sure it was a magical 15 minutes), and the way Phil and Jack and the rest of the boys (and girls - Stephanie, I'm looking at you!) would just up and take him from me and he'd disappear for hours at a time, but this is the last straw - Fernan has provided me with photographic proof of one of his little "indiscretions"...

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