June 27th, 2005

My sailor

Who needs rainy days when you have Mondays to get you down?

You know, when your boyfriend in Iraq begins the first conversation you've had in over a week with, "Honey, have you watched the news lately? No? So, um, how was your weekend?" you know it's not something you want to know.

I Googled it anyway.

This is why I don't watch the news.

(Fortunately, he's fine - he just happened to be making a mail run to Bagdhad at the time. Plus today is the 4 month mark - 2/3 down!)

Otherwise I went home early from work today because my arm, back and neck were all in a lot of pain (I either slept wrong or pulled something, not sure which), watched Lemony Snicket, wasn't all that impressed, and had a productive meeting about the future of SDQSF.

Oh, and this weekend was complete and utter sloth, punctuated by long bouts of City of Heroes and a very boring LYC tea on Saturday. That's it. I love my life. Really.
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