June 19th, 2005


Amazing what a good night's sleep will do

It's a schpadoinkle kinda day.

I was soooooooooooo mad last night. I should have gone straight to the mechanic as soon as my brakes started grinding, but I wasn't thinking clearly and instead just called and cancelled my haircut appointment and drove straight home, where I snapped at adventdragon, had something to eat, and dove into CoH for a while. I took a break to finally watch Cannibal! The Musical that paranoyd had loaned me ages ago. It had its funny moments, and was very Parker/Stone, and although I'm not going to rush out and buy a copy it was fun to watch. I jumped back on CoH and ended up doing the Moonfire task force for 5 hours, but it was a great team so I had fun.

Being up so late I knew I wasn't going to get up early to get my car to the mechanic (which just made me mad at myself again for not doing so right from work), so I accepted that I likely wouldn't have my car again until Monday. Q called to wake me up around noon and we had a good conversation (gads I miss him), then I got up, made breakfast, strapped my bike to the rear bumper, and dropped my car off at the mechanic. Well good news for me - they're open on Sundays, which means I should have it back tomorrow. Yippee. Plus he was ready to take me as soon as I got there thinking they just needed to figure out what they did wrong, but then I told him I needed my brakes looked at, too. He said he hopes it's just dirt - at least he's optimistic. And on top of that I had some exercise riding my bike home, and it was a nice day so I enjoyed it.

So I spent the rest of the day CoHing, interrupted pleasantly by a San Diego Dopefest! :) For some reason I thought it started at 8:00, not 6:00, but we discovered my mistake and still managed to make it before anyone had even ordered drinks. In attendance were scout1222, cczernia, jkusters, thomasm, tdilliga, me and encinitas, who we really have to convince to get an LJ one of these days. Much fun and gossip and catching up was had, and of course we had to take a picture. Evidently I'm organizing the next one. :)

So that's that. I'm home, back playing CoH, trying not to think about how much my car is going to cost, but at least I get another bit of exercise tomorrow, and I'll have my car to get to work on Monday.

My heart's as full as a baked potato. Let's build a snowman!
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