June 8th, 2005

Dancing Gir

Animated icons

OK, my geeky friends, any recommendations on what to use to make animated gifs for icons? I have ideas, you see...

(Oh, and think free or something I might already have reasonable access to.)
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Joe Boys

I'm gettin' married in the morning...

Folks have been talking about weddings today, so I've been thinking about mine and Q's. For Christmas he made me a calendar of pictures and some of his artwork, including, for February, a picture of him and me in a big heart. (Yes, it's plortch-worthy, get over it - I'll scan it and post it one of these days.) In it, he's wearing the traditional American tuxedo, and I'm wearing the traditional Filipino barong:

Yup - essentially a see-through Mexican wedding shirt (though who picked it up from whom I don't know). I dunno - is it me? More importantly, do you really think I can get away with wearing white at my wedding? I mean, neither of us is pregnant, but still...
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