June 3rd, 2005

Joe Boys

A momentous day

Got into work a little later than I wanted, but still managed to make it in before my boss, which is always a good thing. Got a little work done (not much), and left right after lunch.

From there it was off to my lawyer's office for a truly momentous event - namely, Quincy now legally controls my life should I be unable to, and my stuff after I kick. I hope he doesn't get DRUNK WITH POWER. I called my Good Sister to let her know she was third in line of succession after Quincy and my mother, and her response was, "Get outta my way, I'm pullin' the plug!" Truly I weep for my (short) future. I then sent a message to Quincy's fag hag, Bobbi, and she said, "You guys are so in love - morbid, but in love." Of course I pointed out to her that it was simply a matter of practicality, since we all know that someday either I'll kill Quincy, or he'll kill me, so we just want to make sure our bases are covered (she agreed in that case it was the most sensible thing to do). So short of owning property and gettin' hitched, our lives are literally now intertwined. Yay! Signing those papers was the most natural thing in the world, especially since they read, "Quincy and Alan share a relationship based on love, trust and respect." Who could argue with that? (Well, some of you can, but I'll pre-emptively tell you to hush.)

Then, since it was payday, it was off to Mysterious Galaxy (Lemony Snicket on CD with Tim Curry), Game Empire (Carcassonne, Lord of the Rings and Settlers of Catan expansions - curse you jsciv!), and Wal*Mart (buncha crap I needed, as opposed to the crap I bought that I didn't need, including the 4-pack of Batman films). After that I came home, played a little CoH, packed up another box to mail to Quincy (including his anniversary present - 2 years on June 13!), and created a little demon hero (dark/dark defender, for those who grok CoHspeak).

Tomorrow it's an easy day - I'm the only one in the office, and we're cutting the day short to say goodbye to our AVC of Development. Looks like LYC coffee on Saturday (little Johnny's in town from Tucson so I want to see him), board meeting Sunday, and tentative SDQSF organizational meeting on Monday, but basically a relaxing weekend. Yay!

OK, off to bed. More posts tomorrow no doubt. :)
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City of CRACK

If any of my friends are interested in a new addiction, or joining me online in my quests for truth, justice, and a pair of tights that actually looks good on me, I have a code for a free 14-day trial of CoH (including downloading the software, I believe). If you want it, just holla.
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