May 5th, 2005


Off for the weekend!

Yudi should be here in about 10 minutes to take me to the airport, and then I'm off to Philly to see Mom and the family for Mother's Day. Dad's birthday would also have been on the 11th, so the timing is good (not to mention the fact that it only cost me $120 round trip!). I'll probably update from there, but if not, hope everyone has a good weekend! (Sadly, this means I still haven't logged onto City of Heroes since the massive update yesterday, but it's all good - I'll survive, somehow...)


Edited to add: Heh. Is anyone else surprised it's 9:02 and Yudi just called to say he'll be here in 15 minutes? :D (Not that I was ready at 8:30, mind you, but I'm reluctantly starting to see the sense in my friends telling me things start a half hour earlier than they actually do, and between Yudi and I, well, we'd never show up for anything. Hee!)
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