April 24th, 2005


Great gaming Sunday!

Almost as soon as I logged on today around 4:30 or so I got invited to do the Synapse task force, rounding out a team of 8. I had tried one TF previously but it was a miserable failure - didn't last past the first mission. This one, however, ROCKED. By the time I got offline (after 11:00 pm) when the TF was completed I got:

  • Level 21 and level 22 (3K XP alone just for finishing the TF)
  • A heap of dual enhancements, most of which I couldn't use (but sold for a good amount)
  • The single enhancement award (which I could actually USE)
  • 2 badges (Synapse's Cohort and Clockstopper)
So, yeah, a fun day. :D
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