April 15th, 2005


A long week so far

It's been a hella busy week at work, plus recouperating from the weekend and being sick Monday makes me really glad tomorrow is Friday.

Tuesday night I went to probably my last LYC-EC meeting to tie up loose ends (I couldn't make any of the first 3 meetings so far this year). I have a few things I need to do, mostly just making sure they have my notes and stuff, but it looks like the new board is doing just fine without me (THANK GOD!).

Yesterday Quincy called again - yay! Have a few new updates:

Collapse )

Last night was gaming, and although some of us were a little crankier than usual, it was still fun.

Today I had much work to do before cutting out early to go see a lawyer about getting all my legal paperwork together to make sure Quincy is in control of my life (which he is anyway, but it's not all legal-like), such as will, power of attorney, healthcare proxy, etc. I brought along the paperwork Q filled out for the Navy and she took great interest in reading it over and seeing how they did things. She's a very nice queer-friendly lawyer who I'd be happy to recommend if anyone is in need. I go back in a few weeks to sign everything.

When I got home I was able to both work and play - I washed my car, cleaned the inside, made something to eat, sat down, and did my taxes while playing CoH, as I mentioned earlier. Worked out quite well, although I'm only 2 bubbles towards level 19. Even managed to e-file my taxes for free by following the right links from the IRS website, so a minor score for me.

That's it. No big plans for the weekend. I really need to drop my car off to get a few things looked at on Saturday, so maybe I'll do a little bike riding. Otherwise it's just tea with the boys Saturday, and Yudi's birthday party on Sunday.

And at some point in the near future I'm going to have a candle and skin care party, so stay tuned! :D

Now, to bed.
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Living in paradise

It's a good thing

Several scores today:

  • Got a flat panel monitor at work today. It is teh sexx0rs.

  • Trader Joe's is carrying chocolate enigmas again!

  • Many cute bois to oogle at lunch today.

  • Pick-Up Stix for lunch - yum!

  • It is another beautiful, sunny day in San Diego.
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