April 1st, 2005

Scary Teddy

Updates for a Friday afternoon

Random updates from the past week or so:

  • I got out of jury duty, or, rather, I postponed it until September, which is after when I will have moved to Maryland.

  • I sent my first care package to Quincy. It included socks.

  • Before he left for Iraq Quincy sent me my own care package, which included Sophia Style, a book about my little het crush Sophia Loren; a yellow ribbon "support our troops" magnet for my car; and another magnet for my car that says, "Half my heart is in Iraq." I got a little misty over that one. :(

  • Whilst shopping this week for stuff for Quincy, I bought myself stuff, including new DVDs. They were old and only $5.50 apiece, but I want to watch them. One of them was "To Wong Foo" which I've actually never seen.

  • I bought myself a new pair of black work shoes as my old ones were giving me a callous. They feel like sneakers. They are teh kewl.

  • I discovered that department and shoe stores do not sell slippers outside of the Christmas season. I am bummed.

  • I acquired a storage unit to not only free up space in the garage, but also for long-term for when I move to Maryland.

  • I am picking up my newly-assembled bike on Saturday and plan to ride it home from the bike store. Please do not hit me with your car. I hope I do not swallow a butterfly.

  • The butterflies are migrating. It's keen and beautiful.

  • I bought some new artwork at Condor. I now have the bug to complete the series with that character (Jay Watanabe) and go further and complete my set of angels by Ruth Thompson (my print of Invictus is the one that started my winged man collection in the first place, and seeing more of her work at Condor inspired me).

  • Chick-Fil-A nuggets, even in California, are the best fast food anywhere evah.

  • I saw Robots, and while it was amusing, it was no The Incredibles. I will still probably buy it on DVD.

  • I bought The Incredibles on DVD. The babysitter is still my favorite character.

  • I got my City of Heroes main, the Green Starburst, up to level 16, which means I finally got a travel power. Flight RAWKS. I also started a supergroup, The Homoerotics, for my friends that play. We're taking bets on how long before PlayNC notices and tells me I have to change the name.

  • I took an online typing test today (thanks, opalcat!) and I am relieved to know I still can type 115 wpm. I am the shiznizzle.

  • Quincy taught me an Arabic word (which I promptly forgot) they use a lot over there that literally means "it's God's will" but they use it to mean "whatever" or "oh, well" or "what are ya gonna do?" We both agree we will be using it a lot with each other. :)

  • I am debuting my new icon, Scary Teddy, which I will use for when I'm feeling evil.
That's it. Have a good weekend!
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