March 8th, 2005

Pasty Pale White Boy & Pinoy Boy Toy!

More CoH geekiness

daehith informs me there is a way to have a global chat ID on City of Heroes so you can communicate with your friends across servers and regardless of which superhero they're playing. Keen!

Details here on the CoH message boards.

Unfortunately NCsoft screwed up my pre-order registration, so now I have to zero out my whole account and start over. It's all good, though - I was planning on starting all my heroes from scratch anyway once I started up my own account, and the two I already created (Colonel Snark and PastyPaleWhtBoy) are only around level 2 so they're easily taken care of. Once I know my chat ID it'll be easier to stay in touch with everyone. :)
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A lovely afternoon

Not only did I have a lovely lunch today with Dr. Christopher, who I haven't seen since my birthday (he got a new job nearby - yay!), but I just got two of my favorite prints mounted so I can finally frame them. w00t!

Edited to add: Those would be "Invictus" and this one (careful, he's nude! [but tasteful]).
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