March 1st, 2005


User pics meme

Take a look at my LJ user pictures and respond in comments:

  1. Which icon is your favorite?
  2. Which icon should I replace?
  3. What should I replace it with?
  4. Which icon do you want to know more about?
  5. Which icon do you think "matches" me best?
Now that I actually have more than a handful of pics, and some of them are actually specific to me, I figured it would be fun to do this meme. Thanks for the idea, dragonblink.
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Blond smile

Boring icons

I need some new LJ icons. I need a "mad" one and I need a pic of at least one of my CoH heroes.

Oh, and I got my hair highlighted blond again. I figure if Quincy is off for six months he won't see it so it doesn't matter (although he questions why I hate him so much). If I don't get to enjoy his newly-shorn head, the least I can do is be blond for a while. :D
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