February 18th, 2005


Hooray for Doctor Who!

Big thanks to nolly who I met up with last night at her PURL gathering and gave her my Doctor Who Technical Manual to add a few more signatures to (Sarah Jane, the Brigadier, Jo Grant, Mike Yates, and Chang Lee). I already have K-9, Leela, the sixth Doctor, producer John Nathan Turner and writer Terrance Dicks. Unfortunately I didn't get it out of storage in time so I didn't get the fifth, seventh and eighth doctors or Tegan from the last two years at Gallifrey, but I think it's a pretty good collection anyway. Thanks, Cathy!

Other than that yesterday was a quiet day at work (most of the team was out), and I watched some TV and putzed around on the computer last night. Quincy never called and I was getting worried, but he called this morning and it turns out he fell asleep around 10:00 last night because he's been so tired this week. Poor boo. :(

So today is work, and hopefully we'll get out at 3:00 for the holiday weekend. No big plans other than tea tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some more cleaning done, or head down to Mission Valley and get those mats cut - we'll see. :)
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Mmmm... fresh laundryicious...

Since I've been wanting to make my office a little cozier, I love scented candles, and I obviously can't light candles at work, I saw and bought a Candlesense Warmer from Michael's a few weeks ago, along with a cheapie "fresh laundry" scented candle to see if it worked.

It does! And after all this time I still get a scent wafting through my office every day all day long (and it turns out I like this scent more than I thought I would). My officemates are all teh jealous over my freshly-scented space. The candle's kind of small so by lunchtime the wax has completely liquified, but there's no burning so it's all good.
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You know what's good?

Having a day all to yourself with no one around and no interruptions, so you draw yourself a hot bubble bath, make yourself a cup of Irish breakfast tea, light some scented candles, put some soothing music on the stereo, turn down the lights, get some chocolate, soak in the tub and read a good book until the water starts to get cold... and then run some more hot water.

It may be girly, but damn it's good!
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