February 1st, 2005


Movies & cleaning

I feel like watching more movies. I have so many movies I've bought and yet to watch. Maybe I should start doing a regular movie night for myself (especially now considering my commitments have been way scaled back and I've found myself with a lot more free time in the new year).

Anywho, yesterday at work I cleaned a lot of things out of my office. When I got home I was still itching to clean so I went through some more stuff in the garage after doing the dishes and going through the fridge with Myke. I may do more tonight. Oh, and I put my bed up on risers and put all my SCA garb away. Yay!
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San Diego fandom

To all my geeky friends in San Diego, please take note of a new LJ community I started:


Figured it couldn't hurt to have our own LJ space. Feel free to leave me comments or suggestions, and feel free to post about cons, events, meetups, local groups, etc. (Adam, I may put a link to the Fandom Index in the info page since it's the Repository of All Things San Diego Fandom - is that ok?)
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