December 21st, 2004


The Christmas countdown continues...

So busy this week. Ugh.

Yesterday work was productive, although my boss and I had a discussion about work processes - she wants me to go faster, ignoring the fact that she's the one who is often not available to move things along, so they wait on her. I just smiled and nodded and vowed to be more rude in chasing her down. That'll learn 'er!

Spent part of lunchtime calling the Medians and, yes, God help us, we're doing a white elephant at the party/Margibtinlin annual meeting on Thursday. Of course, with us, the tackiest, ugliest, and/or most inappropriate gift will be the one everyone steals. I'm just hoping whatever sex toys make it into the pile aren't re-gifted. Ew.

After work I went to not one but two Wal*Marts, as mentioned earlier. I also hit K-Mart, Fry's and Best Buy (again). I was rather ticked that I kept finding things I'd already bought (boughten?) at significantly lower prices, so I'm actually returning things already. I'm also irked I can't find those last one or two items I need for my nieces and nephews. BAH! HUMBUG!

At one point when I hadn't yet eaten dinner I was talking to Q and was struck with a fit of the giggles in my car. He thought I was high. That just made me laugh harder.

Then I got home, sorted through my goodies, and realized I'm getting sick. BLAH!

Today it's exchanging gifts at work, and although I'm supposed to go shopping with LYC at Fashion Valley I think I might bag out - I don't want to get sicker, I still need to pack, and the few things I still need to get I can get back east.

I leave tomorrow morning at 6:18 am.
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Forgot to mention

One of my teammates gave me a hand-knitted scarf with happily matches my heavy coat, so it'll be coming home with me for Christmas. My other teammate got me a box of Tazo teabags, which is always a smart choice with me. My boss got me even more teabags, plus a nice candle holder and a leather luggage tag.

And the DayQuil LiquiGels are working. Hallelujah.
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