December 17th, 2004


Quick survey

OK, so I was asked to emcee the white elephant gift exchange this afternoon. However, I'm hearing a bunch of different ways to actually do one, so I'll ask you guys:

What are the rules of a white elephant gift exchange as you understand them?

Maybe I'll be able to cull the best ideas and use them today.
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Steaky goodness

I just had the third best steak I've ever had - and it wasn't even well done!

Shocking for me, I know.

LYC went to The Boathouse Restaurant for their $11.95 prime rib special night, and the waiter said the chef would refuse to cook it well done, so I said to get it to me as well as the chef would let me. It came just brown all the way through, but it was oh so tender - melted in my mouth I tells ya! Dipped in the au jus it was like buttah! Yum. Must go back.

For the record, the #1 best steak I ever had cost me $175, and was worth every penny.
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