December 8th, 2004


Two... no, three - three important notes of the day

  1. Chocolate Enigmas from Trader Joe's should be outlawed. Seriously. Any cookie that tastes like eating a chocolate-covered waffle cone should be illegal in any civilized society.

  2. I am listening to Air Supply's Greatest Hits in my car - and liking it.

  3. I had a lot of fun at bingo at the Center tonight but didn't win bupkiss.
That is all.
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You only boo the ones you love

I got to play Simon Cowles in an American Idol spoof we did at the office Christmas party today. I got to say things like, "I haven't seen anything this bad since Ashlee Simpson was on Saturday Night Live" and, "Seriously, did you have to pay Milli Vanilli for stealing their act?"

They love to hate but I'm oh so good at it.
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