November 10th, 2004


I wonder what color Daniel's will be...

Yellow Saber

You've made a yellow lightsaber

Yellow is the color of honor and loyalty. It symbolizes caution and foreboding in either direction of the blade, meaning that the owner is relatively cautious... but also to be cautious of them. Since yellow stands for both honor and cowardice, one should always think twice before attacking someone with a yellow saber.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
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Edited to add: I hate having to clean up someone else's bad coding and grammar. Grrr.

Oh, and thanks, urban_bohemian!
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Wednesday update

Yesterday after work I stopped by the bank to make a deposit for Q then came home. I wanted to talk to him but he was feeling poopy and pouty so we had a long talk, which made me late for the LYC EC meeting, but that's ok. Productive meeting (we're planned through January now, which is just mind-boggling), and I called him on the ride home to make sure he was ok. When I got home I found out I accidently overwrote a save on Myke's PS2 save card - heh. Whoops. :( Fortunately it was an old one, but still - my bad. Spent the rest of the night online until Stanton called, then went to bed.

This morning I kept waking up about every 15 minutes starting at 6:15, which sucked, and then when I got out of the shower I realized I'd left my alarm on and it was blaring away. Oops. Sorry Daniel! :( Work's kind of slow since we have off tomorrow and most of my team is out, and hopefully the VC will let us go at 3:00. Tonight I'm going to game for a while, but then I'm going to see Beautiful Boxer at the Ken.

I've got tomorrow off, and I'm planning to sleep, do laundry, and make a run to Best buy to finally get the first season of Farscape and maybe perhaps pick up a gift for someone's birthday on Friday (not looking at Myke, of course). Back to work Friday, but no plans except the LYC pot luck Sunday night, so should be another slothful weekend.

Been listening to ABBA Gold in the car lately, and is it me or does the beginning of "Does Your Mother Know" by ABBA sound exactly the same as the beginning of the Invader Zim theme?

Makes ya think.
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Sounds like a fun date!

Your LJ Perfect Date
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Your Perfect Date urban_bohemian
You have dinner at who needs dinner when you've got dessert? *wink*
Afterwards you go to the movies
Your date asks you if you'd like to go out again
You say f*ck me
Chance you will get lucky - 35%
This fun quiz by akasha82 - Taken 206130 Times.
Thanks, sistercoyote! (Sorry, Quincy! I still lurves you!)
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