November 3rd, 2004


The election is hanging by a thread but I'm too fucking tired to stay awake

As I head to bed the electoral votes stand at 242 for Kerry and 249 for Bush, with 4 states unreported (and at least one of them, Iowa, possibly looking at a recount) and the biggie, Ohio, in question (with provisional ballots not starting to be counted for 11 days per Ohio law), all with Bush with a 3.8 million popular vote lead.

Argh. I both dread and long for the morning news.
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A disappointing morning

Turned on the radio this morning just in time to hear them announce that Kerry conceded.


Some thoughts:

Kudos to him for not dragging us through a lengthy recount process.

I do not look forward to listening to anything other than Air America, and even that will be bittersweet.

Thanks to my conservative friends (the few I have) for not gloating.

Meanwhile, allow me to say goodbye to a few things:

- Civil liberties
- Civil rights
- Legalized abortions
- Separation of church and state
- Education
- The economy
- Our soldiers in Iraq
- Osama bin Laden
- Our international allies

I'm sure there are more.

Very depressed.

All hail the monkey king.

Edited to add: So much for my conservative friends not gloating.
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At least it's still California...

Oh, and I'm at least thankful that I live in California, a liberal state, which went to Kerry and passed at least a few of the statewide initiatives I supported. We also have the most comprehensive domestic partnerships in the country, which are on par with civil unions and marriages. So, although moving to Canada sounds like a lovely idea (I did toy with moving to Toronto at one point), I'll be staying right here. Maybe I can improve things slightly if I stay.

More (local) thoughts on the day after

I am consoling myself with a very large chicken rice bowl for lunch and listening to the San Diego conservative talk show hosts sweating over the fact that write-in Democratic candidate Donna Frye won as Mayor. ;)

I'm also doing some follow-up to the California initiatives. I'm...

  • glad there's a lot more public access to government meetings and records
  • glad our elections haven't been limited to two candidates only
  • concerned about a few increases in taxes and spending
  • concerned about limiting lawsuits
  • not sure yet about the ramifications of limiting the 3-strikes law
  • concerned about the future of gambling and how the Indian reservations will be treated
  • extremely concerned about expanding DNA collecting
  • very happy stem cell research passed
  • very unhappy that companies won't be required to provide health insurance to their employees
  • not sure yet about going ahead with the Gregory Canyon landfill
  • very curious how the "strong mayor" thing will go with a new mayor
  • generally happy with the changes to the Retirement Board
  • happy the Transient Occupancy Tax wasn't increased (being one who deals with hotels a lot)
  • very disappointed we won't be getting rid of the Mount Soledad cross
A lot to take in. I'm just very, very glad that there was so much turnout and involvement in the issues, from local to national. Hooray for the process, imperfect as it is! :)
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