November 1st, 2004


A boring Monday

OK so I didn't get any glasses yesterday, and I skipped out of LYC going to Nightmare on Normal Street (sorry Tri!), but at least I got to settle things for Thanksgiving and see Team America. By the time I got back the very few kiddies we get every year had already come and gone, so it was a quiet night before turning in.

Today I am doing some reading on all the various propositions and candidates and such in preparation for voting tomorrow. Otherwise it's a dull week, punctuated by gaming and a day off next Thursday for Veterans' Day. Whoopee. Maybe I'll spice things up and have lunch with fernanb now that he's a fellow UCSD employee. :D
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Voting is hard. Let's go shopping! :D

Interesting times and interesting measures I'm researching right now. I'm slogging through it with the sincere belief and hope that by this time tomorrow President Kerry will begin this country's journey in a decidedly different direction.

Edited to add: Thank goodness for the League of Women Voters for setting up It really helped me see exactly what I'd be voting for and gave me links to all the information I needed, and then some. A great one-stop shopping voter experience!
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