October 18th, 2004


Happy Monday?


w00t! Glee!

Plus, I just found out from samuraimeg that there's a Chick-Fil-A in Chula Vista - w00t! The only one I knew of anywhere close was in Irvine, but methinks I'm gonna be making a chicken run soon!

On top of all that my team is taking me out to lunch today at TGI Friday's for a belated birthday celebration. I can live with that. :)

A fine, fine, very fine Monday.
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What TV Series Would You Buy?

I was thinking about some of the TV series I've started collecting on DVD and it reminded me of this old thread over at the Dope I started a long time ago. My list was as follows:

  • Babylon 5
  • Family Guy
  • Greg the Bunny
  • The Tick
  • Earth: Final Conflict
  • South Park
  • Farscape
  • Invader Zim
I could also add these in upon further reflection:

  • all the James Bond films
  • Blackadder
  • The Muppet Show
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus
  • Dr. Who
  • The Mighty Heroes
  • Absolutely Fabulous
  • TV Funhouse
It also got me thinking about some of the shows I watch now, although I don't think I'd want to actually collect them:

  • Airline
  • Family Plots
  • The Fairly Oddparents
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Jiminy Glick
Just some interesting musings on my television watching habits. What show do you guys watch and/or collect?
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