October 17th, 2004


Gracious that's a long phone conversation!

I have 4,151 anytime cell phone minutes right now.


I bought an upgraded plan to make sure I could talk to Quincy any time, but since he has free nights and weekends and he's 3 hours later than me and calls me when he's going to sleep, and he still has his local phone number so I can call him from the house land line (which is good since my cell phone gets lousy reception at the house), and now Cingular rolls over unused minutes... well, as you can see, I have 69 hours and 11 minutes to use up.

Yowza. Better call my mom sometime this week. ;)
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Boring weekend wrap-up

Friday night I bagged out of going to Kicker's with Yudi and stayed home and vegged, watched some TV, and cleaned my room a little. Went to bed fairly early for me for a Friday night.

Slept in Saturday got up, made breakfast, went to LYC tea (1 new member and 1 visitor from Palm Springs), made a food run to Ralphs and went to Mike A.'s for the LYC pot luck. Much fun! 28 people, lots of raffle prizes (I won a 2-set porn!), and lots fun. Oddly mostly everyone brought a chicken dish, but it was still great. Went home, talked to Q (he was actually playing a video game with Darwin, but it was X-Men: Legends so that made it ok in his eyes), watched some more TV until the wee hours, and finally went to sleep.

Today I slept in way late, ate breakfast, started cleaning my bathroom (I was thinking of washing my car but it was overcast and somewhat chilly today, and it actually rained in the morning, which is quite a surprise), took a break to hit Hometown Buffet with Tri and Daniel, then came home and finshed while listening to them watching Spaceballs, chatted with Q (he's in Bethesda for training this week), then jumped online before I go to sleep now.

So I go to sleep now. :D
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