September 28th, 2004


Q online!

Talked to Q last night and his computer is back up and running. Sadly when he tried to do a recovery he wiped much of his hard drive, so they had to do a complete reformat (although he did get a new drive out of the deal). So he ought to be updating his LJ soon (hopefully) and he's now able to start working on his art again. Yay!

Of course, this also means I ought to stop saying those things about him here. Heh. Love you honey! :D
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Queer Mickey

Yellow isn't my color, but still...

One thing I forgot to mention from my trip Sunday to Disneyland with Lyttle John. We went into Disney Animation and did the Sorcerer's Workshop, where in the first part you can draw your own animation strip and put it into a rotating wheel to watch it go (John did a very neat gallopping horse), then go into the Beast's library and ask Luminere and Cogsworth what Disney character you are most like (John got Tarzan, but I didn't do it), and then head into in Ursula's grotto you can insert your own voice into a Disney movie scene. John has a fabulous singing voice (he's a professional singer and the highest ranking bard in the SCA), so he did a snippet from "Hakuna Matata." Then we realized it was actually set up for more than one person, so we did it again but this time we acted out a scene from Beauty and the Beast.

I'll have you know I made a remarkable Belle. Academy award-winning performance if I do say so myself. I don't know why John was laughing about it all day long. I mean, really, all I said was, "Well if you hadn't scared me I wouldn't have run away!"

Honestly. Some people.
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