September 23rd, 2004


Costuming suggestions

OK, Conjecture is a week from tomorrow (GACK!) and Halloween isn't too far behind, and dammit I need some new costumes, especially since I'm MC for the Masquerade. This year's theme is horror/science fiction fusion, so I've been toying around with a bunch of ideas, plus ones I've been wanting to do for a while:

  • A Centauri from Babylon 5
  • "If vampires dressed as goths," i.e., pastel colors and natural skintone makeup
  • A "gentlemanly ghoul" costume (saw it at Party City)
  • My Victorian garb (forest green velvet jacket with velvet pants and a white silk poufy shirt)
  • Something from my copious SCA wardrobe (kimonos, Chinese, kilts, generic peasant garb, slightly fancier Italian Ren-ish garb, etc.)
Or do the masses have some other suggestions for me? Keep in mind I don't have much time...
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Artwork update

The hunt continues. The person rvrjoe775Joe ganked it from, elvendude, gave me the original pic he shrank (shrunk?) down, and it's clearly signed by "Humbug." HMMM! The mystery deepens, and I've been searching on "humbug," "elf," "artwork" and other keywords on Google, but no luck yet. Very interesting! I hope I can find the artist eventually.

Edited to add: Here's a link to the full-sized picture.
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