September 17th, 2004


Chuckle for the day

From Something Awful:

We've all heard that George Lucas can't leave well enough alone, and has decided to go back and change the first, good Star Wars movies to "fit his original vision" better. However, what you haven't heard is how much he's actually changing. Apparently Lucas has been hitting the crack pipe and drinking LSD at tea time. The goons have managed to capture some of the new changes we'll be seeing in the updated trilogy. God help us all.

New Changes to the Star Wars Saga
My favorite one:

Thanks, avagoyle!
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Joe Boys

Ex Revenge

Nothing says "I love you" more than when an ex that was a real jerk to you laments how they are envious of your life and wish they had what you had (good job, stable life, loving relationship, good friends, etc.).


Well, that and when they tell you they regret what they did to you, realize what a huge mistake it was to let you go, and wish the day would come when you would forgive them and give them another chance, but they know that will never happen, so they just think about you every day and remember how they fucked up.

Yeah, that hits the spot...
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Ex Revenge pt. II

Holy crap! You can't ask for better than this! One of my exes from my previous post IMs me and when I ask him how his day was, he says maybe he shouldn't tell me, 'cause I'm the last person who should listen to his problems. Sensing good drama, I pressed the issue. What happened? He was seeing this guy for a couple of weeks, they were supposed to have a date, but he didn't show up, then didn't call for several days, and then when he finally got through to him, when he got to the phone he just hung up on him without a word!

I pointed out to him the irony of him telling me this. He agreed and figured I would appreciate the fact that what comes around, goes around.

You can't make this stuff up. :D
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