September 16th, 2004


Thursday update

Well Tuesday night I did start on the bathroom a little bit, but it's going to take a lot of work - I let it go for too long. It was a quiet night in - darkscydeDaniel had his first date back with  xiaomozi666Tri, and jkustersJohn sequestered himself in his room to do some writing. Did have a nice long chat with pinoyboytoyQ, as I always do. Such a hunny bunny. :)

Yesterday morning I had to get up a tad earlier than usual (i.e., on time for a change) for our quarterly all External Relations meeting, which was actually quite fun and informative (and Michelle, Ned and Brian were hysterically funny answering our Vice Chancellor's, Jim, ER trivia questions). Unfortunately Annamarie was running late getting Marina into day care so she didn't get there until after Jim gave her such nice compliments for getting her 10-year service pin (she showed up later and he got her up there at the end anyway). After that it was into the office, out to Vons for lunch, home, and worked a little more on the bathroom before gaming.

Turns out moving to Wednesday night was the best thing we could have done for gaming - although we missed Bill (it's his Monday night and he got out of work late), we had nine people! Me, Daniel, thomasmMyke, Stuart, lenniersdHans, Corby, Wyatt, David and Kevin - wow! I actually went downstairs and cleaned off my coffee table because I had a feeling we'd be big enough to split into two games, and sure enough we did. After a faboo spaghetti dinner we played 3 rounds of Werewolf since it takes a minimum of 8 players and Myke really wanted to try it (and it was a hoot). Then while the other 6 folks played a new game Myke bought (don't recall the name), me, Daniel and Hans ended up playing a round of Carcassonne, then 2 rounds of Epic Duels, then Hans left and Corby joined us for another 2 rounds (the game the rest of them was playing looked fun, but it was looooooong). Ended up going to bed way later than I wanted to, but it was worth it!

Today has been good. It started off by me seeing this post by shapisweird in farscape that had listed the season 3 DVD boxed set of Farscape at $29.99! Probably an error on their part, and since I'm going to get the series anyway, this seemed like a great way to kick it off, eh? :) Plus I had a Flame Broiler chicken rice bowl for lunch - YUM!

Tonight I'll probably finish off the bathroom and chat with Q later (couldn't chat last night because I was in the middle of gaming, which he knew, and I want to hear about him visiting his uncle in Waldorf last night, but he was being dorky when he called and I was kind of getting irked so I told him we'd talk tonight). Nothing going on tomorrow night, either, plus it'll be a nice weekend - not too busy, not too boring. That's good.
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Oh, and I also took another look at my Amazon wish list, deleting a couple things I already have and updating here and there. I'd like to take advantage of their ranking system a little more, as lately there are a few things I've really wanted versus just wanting in general (Farscape, for example, now that I've actually started the collection, and I'll take season 3 off once I actually get it in the mail, just in case).

Not that any special day is coming up where one might, oh, I don't know, purchase presents for me.


Not at all.


(I'm not saying, I'm just saying...)
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End of the day...

Well so much for cleaning the bathroom - ended up watching a couple of episodes of Family Plots (sometimes that show is very difficult for me to watch), then the episode of DS9 I thought was where Dax dies (which I've never seen) but it wasn't (forgive me, darkscydeDaniel, for skipping ahead - I promise penance for my sin).

Had pizza for dinner. Yay. :)

Had a nice long lovely chat with pinoyboytoyQ, although the poor lad got another write-up today, so I was suitably comforting (wasn't really anything bad, but he's so honest he had to tell his lieutenant and she had to write him up because it was a procedural thing). In better news he's going to see if he has to do some training over my birthday weekend or not, and if not he's willing to come out here - yay! So I'm trying to come up with "with Quincy" and "without Quincy" options for what I want to do for my birthday. Also talked about joining my mother at Walt Disney World for Thanksgiving, which would be keen.

Plus I found out the boxed set of Farscape I ordered actually shipped today, so I got it for $30! Yay!

Still trying to decide what to do for Conjecture/Halloween. Since we have a sci-fi/horror fusion this year, I'm thinking of doing something a little more grotesque. We'll see what inspires me...
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