September 14th, 2004


Last few days

So what happened to summer? Sunday it was hot as the dickens, then Sunday night it turned cold (well, cold by southern California standards - back to 75°), and now it looks like fall has arrived - WHOMP! I noticed it used to do that back in Philly, too - the day after Labor Day it would just suddenly turn into autumn overnight. Weird, but welcomed - these last few weeks have been unbearably hot (well, hot by southern California standards - in the 80's!).

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Yesterday it was back to work, and Annamarie came back from maternity leave. It'll be interesting working towards getting her back into the swing of things, but it's all good. Because it was actually chilly overnight my sniffles and stuffiness came back, but I made it through the day, although by the time I got home I was really tired so I took a nap. I got up just as Q called, and I talked to him while making dinner. He's been really tired too lately so maybe it's the change of seasons.

Today has been ok so far. Nothing planned for tonight (except maybe cleaning the bathroom) as thomasmMyke put up a poll for the new folks joining us for gaming and it's been decided to move it to Wednesdays.

Tomorrow morning is an all ER meeting at 8:00 am - bleargh. Then gaming, and both Stuart and David said they could come - hooray! If we add in Bill and lenniersdHans we'll have a rollicking good crew.

Got a Conjecture staff meeting Saturday at the Polar Den followed by darrelxDarrel & glittercat13Kris' fandom gathering, which I should be able to stay at for a while unless I head off to tea. No plans for Sunday, although it's both David and ben_raccoonBen's birthdays, so maybe I'll be one of the cool kids and get invited to their parties or something. :P