September 7th, 2004


The big Labor Day weekend

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The weekend, by the way, was exceedingly hot by southern California standards - in the 80's the entire weekend. Very icky since we have no A/C, but at least it was relatively cool at night, so I had my fan on. Unfortunately it might have done me in, because I woke up this morning with a very sore throat, and have been drinking tea, eating soup and taking vitamins all day trying to stave it off. Bleargh.

Work was ok today. Rebecca was out but will be back tomorrow. Another unit seems to think we're supposed to do their job just because we helped them plan a trip, but thankfully those higher up than me are telling them no dice. At lunch I finally got around to dropping off film from Pride and Pennsic, so hopefully I'll have those up in my online photo album soon. Annamarie comes back Monday, which means I have a few things to do this week to help her get back into the swing of things.

And, of course, tonight was gaming. :) lenniersdHans and Bill came over and while I spent time finally catching up with Quincy (poor lad had to end up buying a new, more expensive, albeit cooler phone, but otherwise was ok and had a fun weekend, even though he had to work) they played Tongiaki, then I joined them for a rousing round of Settlers of Catan. Unfortunatley, I can feel the illness creeping up on me, so I'm hoping all the tea, vitamin C and some decent rest will help me stave it off. BAH!

This week isn't too bad. We have an LYC Executive Committee meeting Thursday night, Yudi is throwing Travis (his ex) a surprise birthday party on Saturday night, and we have the LYC new member BBQ in Balboa Park on Sunday (alas, I'll miss the Conjecture staff meeting, but I'll send in a report). A few things coming up, but nothing I can't handle. :) Hopefully I'll stay well enough to enjoy it all!
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