September 1st, 2004



Ah, 'tis a wonderful thing to have money. Getting paid monthly sucks - you have to conserve and conserve and conserve and then at the end of the month you go, hey, I have a lot of money left over, and you get to splurge (a little) if you can. Sort of like the University's budget - we save all year, but if we don't spend it all by the end of the fiscal year it looks like we don't need it, so we spend the last month spending like crazy so we make sure we get at least the same amount in the next year's budget (which is fine by me as it affords us many luxuries in June). On the other hand, it's made me much more aware of my financial situation, and I don't quite feel like I'm living paycheck to paycheck, week to week like I used to (although it's still a struggle at the end of the month), plus I'm getting better at budgeting for certain things, and I think I'm actually starting to get good at paying my bills more on time as well (might as well pay at the beginning of the month when I get my one lump sum before it's all gone).

Amazingly, I actually had a little breathing room going into this month. I think it's because I didn't spend as much at Pennsic as I have in the past, I didn't have to buy a ticket to go see Quincy, I didn't have to pay for any hotels to go to any cons, and I've been going out to dinner and doing expensive social stuff less this month (probably because I was at Pennsic). It's kind of surprising, but a pleasant one. I'm hoping to sock the extra away in my savings account so I can have a little cushion for the next time my car breaks down or I need to get a ticket to see Q or whatnot.

So I spent an hour or so this morning paying my bills for the month. Feels good! :) And now I know how much I have for the rest of the month, which also looks good.
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Esprix is...

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Yesterday and today

Yesterday was another half productive/half boring day at work. I went to Albertsons and McDonald's at lunch, and then in the afternoon we had another 3-way baby shower for Donna, Susan, and Karen, who just adopted a baby girl from China. She brought her along (she's 16 months now) - so frightfully adorable! I loved her to death! Very cute, very well behaved, very happy baby. {sigh} Maybe someday I'll capitulate to Q and we'll have kids (won't be for a loooooooooooooong time though), but if we do I wanna adopt, and I'd love to have a little girl to spoil, and dammit, Asian babies are the cutest! :D Annamarie came by with little Marina, who is also cute as a button. Squeee! Baby goodness! Ebonye left {cough cough} sick early without telling Rebecca in person, which caused waves. Why this woman is still working there I have no clue.

Unfortunately no one showed for gaming, but it's all good - got a chance to have a nice conversation with Q. He makes me laugh. :) Evidently he's having fun with his brother visiting, although he's going to get in trouble for being delayed back to his base (but there's nothing he can do about it without spending like $1400 on a same-day ticket to Italy, so that's that).

Today I got in a little later than usual because I knew Rebecca had a doctor's appointment and wouldn't be in until about 11, so I took the opportunity to slack. As I mentioned before today was payday, so I spent some time in the morning making payments left and right, and it still looks like I'll be cool for the rest of the month - yay me! At lunchtime I heard there was a good TV/DVD deal at Target so I went to check it out, but it didn't jazz me up enough to take advantage of it.

Right after work I went to get my smog test for my (overdue) registration for my Neon. I called around a few places in the area and the cost of doing the test varies widely - anywhere from $30 to $50, not including the cost of the certificate. I ended up going to a one-bay test only place that charged me $30 (I passed), and then on the way out of their parking lot saw a place next door that was advertising $16! So yeah, always do your research, my fellow California motorists.

Chris was going to come over to go over LYC website stuff, but he was wiped so he's coming up tomorrow. caprineAllison came over and picked up some SDQSF flyers and jkustersJohn updated her on what happened at the last Conjecture meeting since she was a tad incapacitated at the time. Q said he'd text me if he was going to go to a movie with Darwin and his brother (Henry), but he didn't, so when 8:30 rolled around I texted him to see if that's what they'd done (they had). I mentioned to him that if I'd done that to him he wouldn't have talked to me for a week, which he insists he wouldn't do, so I told him I'm going to hold him to it next time I brain fart. I also kept thinking his brother was younger than Quincy, but it turns out Q is the baby of the family, and he got irked that I forgot something important like that. Ugh. I wish ginko biloba actually worked. :(

So now I'm updating LJ, Googling my name on the interweb, and paying a couple more bills. My life is so exciting. BLAH! At least this weekend will be Daniel's birthday, which should be fun. Glee!
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