July 28th, 2004


A decent Tuesday

Work was busy and productive today, which was good. Took some time out to reserve a hotel for me and Quincy when he visits me at Pennsic, which is something I've always wanted to do anyway (a vacation from my vacation, a t'were), so it should be neat.

Still a few things to do to get ready for Pride (like getting a banner made for SDQSF - "Geek Pride!"), but I have capable help so it'll all work out fine. The next big thing for me for Pennsic is to figure out how I'm going to ship my tent out there.

Q called right as we started gaming. I do love him, but sometimes he has the worst timing (and always seems to forget to call earlier on Tuesdays). Managed to get in a round of San Juan and Guillotine, though.

I've been staying up really late this week, but haven't been tired at work. Hmmm. Can't figure that one out. I know I'm going to be not getting my usual amount of sleep this weekend, though.
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Just remembered I've been lax in welcoming spectrum1104 to LJ. Also just found out that blktauna has an LJ, too. Between all that and getting an e-mail from my old friend Darryl from high school, it's like old home week! :D
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