July 24th, 2004


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Well damn my considerate friends. darkscydeDaniel came back from Comic-Con not only with volume 4 of "Twisted Toyfare Theater," but he, thomasmMyke and jkustersJohn all chipped in to get me the PvP City of Heroes pack. So now I have a Skull stuffie.

I hate them. Yet I love them.

That, and the mechanic didn't charge me the $80 he thought he was going to when I growled at him. I'm glad they recognize who the alpha bitch is. So car is working fine. I'm still not going to Comic-Con, though, and I turned agtAdam down for the Masquerade because my heart's just not in it.

So now it's late and I'm going to bed because I can't get City of Heroes to run now that I have it because I think my video card isn't up to snuff. Bah.

So a mixed bag today.
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