July 23rd, 2004


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Dropped the car off this morning. The manager said he was "livid" that this happened. There was no talk of payment, which suits me fine. One of the mechanics drove me to work. Haven't heard from them yet.

Have decided Comic-Con is a no-go, although agt just called and they need someone with "personality and stage presence" to give the Conjecture award at the Masquerade tomorrow night, so they may twist my arm and make me go do that (it's all good), but I have to decide if I want to or not. I may pop down, do that, and then just go home. Bah. At least the dealers room will be closed so I won't be tempted. Plus the "Queers in Comics" panel is at 5:30, which I really should go to, but at the same time I really should go to LYC coffee to beat more people into doing the Pride booth next week.

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