June 29th, 2004


OK, so not all of my co-workers are idiots...

I learned today two phrases spoken with much love and affection in another unit:

"Shut yo' mouth, you ugly!"

"Stop fucking your sister!"
I dream of someday working for these people.

I also learned that saying, "Bless {his/her/your} heart!" can be taken a variety of ways:

  1. As a sincere statement of affection - "You did that for me? Well bless your heart!"

  2. As a way to dismiss all previous trash talk - "She is the ugliest, fattest, most mean-spirited bitch I ever met, bless her heart."

  3. As a way to dismiss all trash talk directed at you (akin to "fuck you" or giving someone the finger) - "You are the biggest cunt I've ever met." "Well bless your heart!"
Unfortunately, I learned about the last when I said it to someone intending the first meaning, but they interpreted every instance as the third. I guess they grew up in a different part of the south, because no one else I know from the south has ever heard of either that context or being used in only that way before.

Fun with language!
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Busy at work doing year-end financial stuff - even stayed late! Bought a keen little wooden chest for my desk at work cheap at Marshall's at lunch. Bill and Adam came over so we played Strange Synergy until Myke spilled water all over the game board, then played a rousing game of Cosmic Encounter which I won single-handedly. Also had a confusion conversation with Quincy - not sure what to make of it yet, but evidently I'll find out on Friday. He set up his new drafting table today but he's afraid he may have made his back worse (he sprained it last week somehow and even had to take a day off from work but he got a heating pad and is recovering, so hopefully this didn't muck it all up). He's also having major computer problems - his system keeps crashing so I'm going to bring him some anti-virus software since he's having trouble getting online.

3 days to go - yay!

Oh, and...


Go get laid or something.
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