June 28th, 2004


My moronic co-workers

I know I should be used to it by now, but I am ever amazed at the idiocy, slovenliness and thievery of my co-workers.

Someone was banging around in the kitchen this morning looking for paper towels. I pointed out to him the cabinet marked "cleaning supplies" and the shelf marked "paper towels." The very labels I put up a couple of weeks ago. I was informed this same person was looking for coffee but was unable to connect the cabinet marked "coffee supplies" and the shelf marked "coffee" with his needs.


And if I see one particular woman come in, splash water all over the fucking counter while washing out her cereal bowl (who the fuck eats cereal at their desk anyway?), and then walk away without lifting a finger to clean up after herself, I'm going to bash her head against the wall. Seriously. And this woman has kids. I can only imagine what her home must look like.

And really - who steals a basket of sugar packets?

You people are FUCKING MORONS!
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Joe Boys

Rainy days and Mondays...

Didn't get as much done at work as I'd hoped. Year end's coming up this week, too - much to do tomorrow then. After work I called Cingular to get more text message - I went over by 155 messages last month. Since Q and I talk during his free nights & weekends minutes and I can talk to him on the land line, I've got a hella lot of rollover minutes left over from last month, but not enough text messages. Then I measured some of my artwork and headed to Target to get some frames with the gift card I got from work (sadly they were out of City of Heroes, which I was going to get - probably for the best anyway, although I'll likely get it after I get paid this week). I ended up with four nice frames, with a little left on the card to boot - sweet! While in the store Q called for our nightly chat, and it was almost like he was shopping with me. He told me his mother actually acknowledged me for the first time - by referring to me as "the fag." Blah. My mother is light years ahead of the game by comparison. When I got home I was watching some eBay auctions finish up, and I got one sniped away from me at the last moment, but another one I got free and clear, and now I'm debating on bidding on a third one.

4 days to go - yay!
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