June 18th, 2004


Cleaning 'Spree! (Get it?)

Over the last couple of weeks I've been really feeling the spring cleaning bug, and I'm rather pleased at some of the progress I've made so far:
  • Last week I finally finished staining the set of Ivar shelves I bought at Ikea like, oh, a year ago. Tired of the pale pine wood, I decided to stain it a darker chestnut to offset my beige walls, but OY! I'll never do THAT again. Still, for the effort they turned out quite nicely. I'm going to put them at the head of my bed to function as shelves and a headboard/nightstand, which will replace the little nightstand table I've been using (which belongs to Myke and John). I'm also hoping I'll be able to put enough stuff in it from the behemoth of a bookshelf unit in my room opposite my bed so I can get rid of that, too (which also belongs to Myke and John).

  • I also finally put together the CD rack I also got at Ikea around the same time. It doesn't quite hold all my CDs, but at least now they're up off the floor. I'm going to put this in my newly-stained shelves.

  • Yesterday I took advantage of a starving student moving sale and bought a 4-drawer dresser. Yeah it's laminated pressboard from Target, but it's in good condition and I got it for $25. Moreover it's a step above UNlaminated pressboard, which is what the 3-shelf unit under my window is made of that this dresser will now replace. (Those shelves also belong to Myke and John, although I may continue to use them where the behemoth shelves will soon, with luck, no longer be.)

  • I also bought the wire storage shelves she had and was thinking they might fit in the kitchen to help store some of my stuff (since the cabinet I bought when I first moved in to store my food is overflowing at the moment), or perhaps to help alleviate the other stuff that's accumulated in the kitchen, but John has grand plans for the kitchen so that won't work. I also toyed with using it to organize some of my stuff in the garage, but I don't think that's going to work, either. Instead I'm going to use it to replace the two nightstands I have in the bottom of my closet. They both have two drawers, but they're not really big enough to hold all my socks and stuff, so I'm going to get rid of them and use these drawers instead. (They match the dresser I have at the foot of my bed, all of which I got from Koi when he moved back to Montreal, which I am also considering getting rid of as well if I can fit all that stuff into the dresser I'm putting under the window, which I just might be able to do.)

  • I am considering getting risers for my bed. I have 4 long flat storage containers that just barely fit under my bed that I use to store all my SCA garb in, but because they're hard to get to (admittedly because my room is a mess) all my garb is still sitting out from after having washed it after last Pennsic (and this Pennsic is only a month and a half away!). Maybe if I make it easier to get in and out of I'll put them away sooner this year. Still, not sure if I want to be another 6" off the ground or not, but I suppose it doesn't matter.

  • Needless to say all this new furniture and moving stuff around is making me get into my room and clean, organize and throw things away - hooray! After going through my closet, a couple of boxes and several piles in my room I've got three bags full of old clothes I'm going to get rid of, I've thrown away two bags of recyclables (all paper - I get so much mail I don't need!), and I've thrown away at least one trash bag full of stuff. Yay for me!

  • A couple of weeks ago I bought a Dirt Devil at Target for the house since it's much easier to do things like the steps with it. I bought the Ultra model but really just wanted a Classic but they didn't have any last night when I went to exchange it (and it doesn't look like retailers carry it anymore) so I just stuck with the Ultra. I used them to vaccuum the steps when I got home - no more Indy hair! Yay! I loves my Dirt Devil, and it'll come in handy as I'm cleaning hard to reach spots in my room.

  • After G'con I made sure everyone took back the stuff that belonged to other cons and could be stored elsewhere. What was left will be used for SDQSF, including a box of giveaways that we will, uh, give away at Pride at the end of July. w00t.

  • After I'm done with my room the family room is next. Since the stuff from G'con is either gone or in the garage, it's mostly just my stuff that I need to straighten up. It's been clean before, it'll be clean again. (Maybe clean enough to have another LYC pot luck sometime soon - as my mother always says, if it weren't for parties the house would never get clean!)

  • The garage is still a mess, but at least now the shelves I stained are out of there and there's less G'con stuff. I really need to cull the LYC stuff, and throw away some empty boxes I have in there for no good reason. Hopefully that'll make a dent.
So, yeah, that's a lot. It's a process that's been going on for the past several weeks, and will be ongoing bit by bit, little by little. Now that G'con is over I'm finding this is a productive and worthwhile way to spend my time... at least until the next big project comes along. :D In the meantime I'm just riding this wave of spring cleaning fever, which I'm sure pleases my roommates to no end!
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The site was having bandwidth overload so I'm only now able to take advantage of this amusing meme. Yes, I cobbled a few together, but it was worth it! :D

katiekilldare collects other people's underwear - and has some from gingy and missfran!
drainbead became turned on by the Power Rangers movie...
ben_raccoon and harlkyn have been secretly doing it!
joeyhemlock has secret fantasies about George W. Bush...
opalcat has been thinking of going on a machine-gun rampage for six months.
evil_dwagon once kissed a bus conductor to avoid the fare!
monster104, mr_funny_man, iampunha, unmercutio... Everyone knows what you got upto that day.
javamaven1 performed a "sexual act" upon justplainbryan in a public toilet!
jayjaybear has an invisible friend. They're dating.
scout1222 is the secret lovechild of weirddave and eutychus!!
rvrjoe775 is secretly married to a wolf!
jkusters and caprine do things behind nolly's back that are illegal in most of the world.
adventdragon and its_just_me are having sweet, creamy buttsex!
pinoyboytoy runs a secret pornography ring. montrealais and nimashillan are regular models.
drewan knows the truth about downeastmike and xiaomozi666.

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

SHOCKING! You people are all pervs! I'm so proud!
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More answers to questions you don't care about!

Questions from my previous post:

joeyhemlock asked:

Does size matter?

No. It's also not true what they say about all black men or all Asian men, either.

What's a good inexpensive sangiovese?

I don't know from wine. Ask thomasm, that's his new thing.

What's a tangelo?

Evidently a hybrid fruit derived from grapefruit and tangerine, according to dictionary.com. Sounds... interesting? I like orange and tangerine, or orange and mango myself (especially juices).

Why don't you grow a handlebar moustache?

What are you, drunk? Ew.

sistercoyote asked:

So, uh...who would you consider "slashing" up? ;)

Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery) and Harry Kim (Garrett Wang).
Agent Sandoval (Von Flores) and Eric Craven (Mark Dacascos).
Johnny Loh (Dustin Nguyen) and Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul).

I'm sure there are others. ;)

When do you see Q next?

July 4 weekend. I'm taking him to Philly to meet my family and friends. 8O

Did you enjoy your dual earthquakes?

Only one, actually. This one was bigger than the one I felt in April 2002 (my first), and was more shaky. I actually did get up and stand in my doorway. I did feel a little surge of "uh-oh" but in the end it was fine.

You can still ask me anything, folks!
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