June 16th, 2004


3 cheers for IT!

IT fixed my computer today - no more weird pop-up ads when I search on Google, and I can finally put real pictures as my desktop image. Yay!

Oh, and I think I have work to do, but since the boss is in New York for the next week... LET THE SLACKING COMMENCE!

Bob would be proud.
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Memes - Helping You Avoid Work Since You Started Your LJ

Put this in your LJ and answer them:

Do you prefer showers, or baths? When is the last time you had a bubble bath?

I enjoy a good, long, hot shower, but a bath is a wonderful thing from time to time. I just took one about two weeks ago when I finished staining my shelves. I was a bit achy, and it was just what I needed - scented candles, nice bubble bath soap, and only missing a cup of hot tea. Wish I had a bigger tub, though.

Do you collect anything?

Sleepy from Snow White mostly. In general I keep my eyes open for Linus stuff (from Peanuts), books (sci-fi, GLBT-related), Broadway cast recordings, tea, science fiction (movies, books, TV series on DVD like Babylon 5 and Farscape, etc.), and geeky games. I'm probably missing stuff - I should start a list in LJ. I used to collect more stuff, like the 3-eyed aliens from Toy Story, Squirtle from Pokemon, Heimlich from A Bug's Life, The Riddler and pewter fairies, but not so much anymore.

When is the last time you hung out with a group of your friends?

Last night at gaming.


So go on - ask me anything, damn you!
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Yummy lunch!

I got in a little late this morning so I decided to stay in for lunch and finally get around to having the Starkist Lunch To-Go I had bought a while ago. YUMMY! Comes with 3 oz. of tuna, mayo, relish, and 6 crackers, plus a spoon and a dish to mix it up in - even a mint! Makes for a very tasty lunch. I also had some Lipton Chicken Noodle Cup-A-Soup to go with it. I always keep a stash of instant stuff on hand (aside from my regular snackage) in case I'm busy and need to skip lunch or just don't feel like going out. Before it was just the soup, but now they're making more and more stuff you can store long-term. In fact, I was going to have Kraft Easy Mac, but you need a microwavable bowl which I don't have at the office (but I'll get now that I know I need one).

Actually, I ought to put some of this stuff in my earthquake kit at work, since the whole office has been forcibly reminded about them after yesterday's quake.

Tonight after work I'm going to swing by Ikea to get a cross brace for my shelves. At some point I need to go to Target and exchange something and spend that gift card I got (been checking out my Amazon.com wish list for ideas).
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