May 27th, 2004


This week - drama, work, books, gaming and leaving tomorrow!

Last night when I got home Daniel, Tri and I played a game of Halo, which of course frustrated the hell out of both Tri and I because Daniel's just too damned good at the game, and he can sit on his little perch with his little sniper rifle and take us out time after time after time, and after 20 straight kills it gets to be a tad annoying.

Quincy called as we were finishing the game, so I bailed because I was getting frustrated and talked to him instead. We went looking for a place to stay while I'm in town, but every place (and I do mean every place in Baltimore, DC and the BWI area) is booked, presumably because of the WWII memorial dedication (and the holiday weekend). I'm going to try again tonight, but we may just have to wing it once we get there.

After I got off the phone Daniel told me that he and Tri were upstairs, when Tri started kidding around telling Daniel he was mad at him, but Daniel didn't get that Tri was kidding, so the next thing you know they get in this big fight and Tri just walks away from the house. Ugh. Much drama. Thankfully Tri apologized later and I'm sure they'll make up. Me, I spent the rest of the night playing Divine Intervention, but I can't get past the blasted winged demon. Frell!

Today was an interesting day at work. I got in on time to decorate Annamarie's office, and she was quite surprised and pleased, so that's good. Later in the morning Michelle filled me in on some gossip, namely that Rebecca and Annamarie were having a "conflict over management style," which is going to be interesting since Rebecca is supposed to take over for Annamarie while she's out on maternity leave (and even that is in question, as I found out Brian, another DO, is going to act as a "resource," which Michelle thinks is going to be more managerial than just referential - we'll see). Also pondered what things are going to be like with Ebonye, who comes in late every day and leaves quite early for her physical therapy appointments. Should be an interesting three months. Then I had my meeting with Annamarie and she filled me in on what I'll be doing to help Rebecca (who she says is going to be "running the office" while she's gone, so not sure how things will work yet), and told me her last day will indeed be next Friday.

I needed something for the flight tomorrow so I went shoppies for books at lunch! I bought Homecoming, a Voyager novel (looked interesting, about what happens to the crew once they return to Earth) and Guilty Pleasures, the first "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" novel (Koi had loaned me The Laughing Corpse and while ago and I really liked it, so I figured I should read the whole series from the start). On my way back Natalie called to let me know she was still alive and is starting therapy, although she had another anxiety attack when she tried again on Tuesday to head into work. Hopefully she'll be able to work through her problems and get back to work soon. (We're here for ya, Naz!)

Tonight is SDQSF gaming, then I need to pack, for I leave bright and early tomorrow morning. If I don't update before I get back, expect nice news when I do!
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Gaming tonight!

Wow! Great fun at SDQSF gaming tonight - 11 people, and between us we played Fluxx, Burn Rate, Carcassonne, and Stuart brought the very old and very classic Gay Monopoly!

And now, I must go pack. See ya when I get back!
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