May 15th, 2004


Fabulous Friday

So Yudi had no clue what was going on for dinner, but had to cancel anyway because both his and Travis' cars died. Argh. And Michael Nguyen had a date, so he couldn't meet me either, plus Daniel was working. Blah. So I left work, went to Fashion Valley, and picked up the pictures:

Ain't we just the cutest? :D The first one with the light background is the one we got the entire package of, and we have a ton of wallets and billfolds and such (and I think Q looks better in that picture). We just got one sheet of 4x6s of the second one with the dark background (which I think I look better in).

After that I just wandered around the mall, stopped in Illuminations (very tempting stuff), Build-A-Bear (saw some stuff for Quincy Bear and Alan Kitty), and finally made it over to The Container Store, which underwhelmed me. I stopped and got a chicken rice bowl for dinner, then headed to Extraordinary Desserts. It was just me, Tony, Paul and El, so we chatted for about an hour and then all headed out. On the way home I called Yudi and they were eating nearby, so I stopped in for a few, showed them the pictures and told him about the meeting Wednesday. Then I came home, talked to Q, scanned the pictures, and updated here. Soon it will be off to bed (although I'd hoped to get some cleaning done - no such luck as I'm very tired, so that just means I'll have to get stuff done tomorrow, perhaps skipping the Conjecture meeting which I'd rather not do, so we'll see).
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My Saturday

Got up a bit late this morning (amazing how I can sleep through my alarm in the mornings), so since I had so much to do around the house anyway I skipped the Conjecture meeting. I spent the afternoon vacuuming and doing dishes, but I had to head to coffee because I had the list of restaurants since we're going to start picking where we're going to eat at coffee each Saturday instead of the Executive Committee picking them in advance. They decided to get Vietnamese fat noodles, so I headed home to get more cleaning done. So far I've gotten my area cleaned up far better than it was before, but I have more to do. Talked to Q twice, and sounds like he had a boring day. Our friend Chris is heading to Baltimore the week after Memorial Day so they may get together and hang out, which will be nice for Q. Oh, and everyone loved our pictures at coffee, and I gave copies to some of our closer friends. :D I also added a few new pieces to my artwork folder in my photo album, so you might want to take a peek (2 pages now).

That's it. Much to do before bed and tomorrow morning before the meeting.
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Joe Boys

New icon

This is a sketch Joe Phillips did for me before I even met Quincy, but I think it looks like us anyway. :D

I also made a cleaner copy of my Gir picture - looks a lot crisper now. Yay!
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