May 6th, 2004



Decent day at work. We had our little birthday breakfast in the morning and they yet again asked me to start off the singing. Fortunately I was upstaged by our Associate Vice Chancellor who was late and she gave us her own solo rendition - she's really good! Met with Annamarie and had a good catch-up session, as I've gotten a lot done over the past couple of days. She's also counting down the days until she leaves to have the baby, so I hope things don't get too tight time-wise as we get closer. After work I headed home and called Jack and had a good, long conversation about what to expect if I become Speaker. He was pretty honest about a lot of stuff, but didn't really tell me anything I hadn't already heard (although it was interesting to hear his side of a lot of the stories I'd heard about him from other sources). We spent a decent amount of time talking about what's happened in the past and the people involved, but he was also very positive about what needs to be done going forward. All in all it sounds like he'd be quite happy to work with me as Speaker, so I'm going to go ahead and run. After that Myke and John got pizza for dinner, I put more pictures up on Fotaki (check out my new Disneyland, Pennsic, friends and family pictures if you haven't looked since the last time I posted about them), and am in the process of putting away lots of clean laundry.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut with Liz (I'm scheduled for a coloring on June 7), Saturday night SDQSF is planning to go see Van Helsing, and hopefully at some point this weekend I'll finish staining my shelving unit for my room as I'm on a bit of a cleaning kick and I'd like to see it through as much as possible now that I have the time to do it.

Off to bed soon. Night!
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