April 29th, 2004


Last night and today

Last night I was surprised to find out when I got home that a notary public was coming over to solemnize the civil union domestic partnership between jkusters and thomasm - wow! Although they are passing it off as not being a big deal, everyone else thinks it is, and I think it's great. I mean, really - after buying a house together and just celebrating their 11th anniversary, this seems like a 'natch. Congratulations to them both! (Me, I'll have to wait, oh, about 3 years before I can do anything of the sort. Maybe by then it'll be legal. Either way, we're having a very large ceremony, you betcha!)

They went off to celebrate at Islands, but I stayed home to finish up some laundry and some stuff I was working on online (including a discussion online that prompted my last entry), and I made a quick Hamburger Helper dinner (yummy!). Q called while I was making it and he seems settled (at least for now) in his sponsor's place, but he's going to see how it pans out. Pros: He'll be saving a lot of money (especially if they don't grant him a housing allowance), it's close to base, he's not signing a lease so he can leave if it doesn't work out, it guarantees he won't have to live on base. Cons: Living with a co-worker, he'll have to stay closeted at home, he wants to live on his own. A difficult choice, but it seems the right one to make for now.

After I ate I grabbed the wedding presents and headed down to Kris and Darrel's to drop them off. They gave me much chocolate for the favor, they got to meet Quincy Bear, and they told me all the gossip about the wedding. I got back after midnight, chatted with Daniel, and headed to bed.

Today it's work work work, although my weekly got pushed to tomorrow because Annamarie's schedule suddenly got hectic today. I also had to take back some AV equipment to Media Services because my evil co-worker went to the event last night and it made her too sore to make it in today. Bah. Tonight I'll be chatting with Peter about the Network, but the LYC meeting was cancelled because the event isn't happening on Sunday (although Mark said the meeting was supposed to be on Tuesday - Yudi doesn't seem to know what's going on).

EDITED: It was a domestic partnership, not a civil union. Duh.
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Oh, I forgot to mention that in the I decided to draw out the joy and rapture that is Repair Your Watch Day and at lunchtime today ran over to Sears at UTC and finally fixed the watch I've had hanging on my bag that hasn't worked in probably over a year.

It gave me a nice warm feeling. Then I realized I'd peed my pants, so it only lasted for a minute.
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Just had a good long talk with Peter about the Network. Mostly stuff I already new, but just enough choice tidbits I hadn't heard about to keep me interested. Next up is a chat with Carl, then possibly a chat with the existing officers, Jack and Kendall. At some point I also need to schedule time to talk with dracutWayne about lessons learned, but that'll be after our last staff meeting.

Then I had a chat with Quincy. I miss my boo. :(
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